Eremo San Giorgio

Tutti gli ospiti che giungono in monastero siano ricevuti come Cristo, poiché un giorno egli dirà: "Sono stato ospite e mi avete accolto" e a tutti si renda il debito onore, ma in modo particolare ai pellegrini.

RB, LIII, 1-2


According to the monastic tradition, our community offers, within the availeble and our capacities, the possibility to be accomodate to those who want to spend a few days in an athmosphere of prayer, sharing the community life according to the “ora et labora” style, tipical of the benedictine rule.

Trough hospitality the monks would like to partecipate to the world ioys and hopes, sorrows and pains, listening to the deep requirements of the people are seeking a brotherly dialogue about the sense of life, in a climate of freedom and mutual respect.



As it regards to the liturgy and in particular the ' Eucharist Guests are requested to SHARE the moments of the liturgical prayer of the Community without requiring Celebrations for Groups Other Details for part of the day (cfr. date page).
  Ordinarily the permanence goes from Monday to Friday ( evening) , by agreement with the brothers in charge of hospitality :
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  Tel. (+39) 045 6228583 (chiedere di fr. Lorenzo)
  Fax. (+39) 045 6228644
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