Eremo San Giorgio

The Benedictine monks Camaldolese Hermitage of San Giorgio will give you their welcome

veduta eremoThe Hermitage of San Giorgio (Bardolino Verona) was founded in 1663. The construction work continued throughout the seventeenth century and was completed with the building of the church in 1704. Following the Napoleonic suppression of 1810 the Hermitage was abandoned and the complex was inhabited by farmers until 1885, when he returned to reside in a Camaldolese community.

The monastic community hands it to welcome everyone in this place, dear to the religious memory of the whole surrounding area, inviting visitors to respect the special character of a place of peace, silence and recollection; for this it is that the Hermitage can not be reduced to a tourist destination, nor may be open to tourist visits the spaces in which the community lives and works.

If you are interested in a hospitality experience with us of prayer, lectio divina and silence, take note of our annual and in particular of the summer weeks initiatives. Contact or visit the hospitality section for more information.